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We rounded up a few common and some more obscure terms to help you keep your dating game on point.

CUFFING SEASON: This term comes from the word “handcuffing.” In the fall, when the weather starts getting cooler, it’s time to find a partner to spend those cold winter nights with.

A - LSD A1 - amphetamine ABBEY HABIT - amphetamine ABBOTTS - barbiturates ABOLIC - veterinary steroid A-BOMB - marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium A-BOOT - under the influence of drugs ACAPULCO GOLD - marijuana ACAPULCO RED - marijuana AC/DC - codeine cough syrup ACE - cannabis cigarette ACID - LSD ACID FREAK - heavy user of LSD ACIDHEAD - an abuser of LSD ACID HOUSE - broad range of music associated with raves ADAM - ecstasy AFGHAN - Cannabis AFGHAN BLACK - type of cannabis resin AFRICAN BLACK - marijuana AFRICAN BUSH - marijuana AFRICAN WOODBINE - marijuana cigarette AGONIES - withdrawal symptoms AH-PEN-YEN - opium AIMIES - amphetamine; also amyl nitrite AIP - heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, & Pakistan AIR BLAST - inhalant AIRHEAD - marijuana user AIRPLANE - marijuana AL CAPONE - heroin ALIAMBA - PCP ALL LIT UP - under the influence of drugs ALL STAR - user of multiple drugs ALL AMERICAN DRUG - cocaine ALPHA-ET - alpha-ethyltryptamine AMBIENCE HOUSE - soft music in chill out areas of clubs AMES - amyl nitrite AMIDONE - methadone AMP - ampoule AMP - marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or embalming fluid, sometimes laced with PCP and smoked AMP HEAD - LSD user AMP JOINT - marihuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic AMPED - high on amphetamines AMPED-OUT - fatigue after using amphetamine AMPH - amphetamine AMPHETS - amphetamine AMT - dimethyltryptamine AMYS - amyl nitrite ANADROL - oral steroids ANALGESICS - pain-killers ANATROFIN - injectable steroids ANAVAR - oral steroids ANGEL - PCP ANGELS - amytal ANGEL DUST - PCP ANGEL HAIR - PCP ANGEL MIST - PCP ANGEL POKE - PCP ANGIE - cocaine ANGOLA - marijuana ANIMAL - LSD ANIMAL TRANK - PCP ANIMAL TRANQUILISER - PCP ANTIFREEZE - heroin APACHE - fentanyl APPLE - non-addict APPLE JACKS - crack ARIES - heroin AROMA - isobutyl nitrite AROMA OF MEN - isobutyl nitrite AROUND THE TURN - having gone through withdrawal period ARTILLERY - addicts equipment - syringe etc ASHES - marijuana ASSASSIN OF YOUTH - marijuana ASTRO TURF - marijuana ATOM BOMB - marijuana and heroin ATSHITSHI - marijuana AUNT HAZEL - heroin AUNT MARY - marijuana AUNT NORA - cocaine AUNTI - opium AUNTI EMMA - opium AURORA BOREALIS - PCP AUTHOR - doctor who writes illegal prescriptions B B - small amount of marijuana B-40 - cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor BABE - drug used for detoxification BABY - marijuana BABY BHANG - marijuana BABY HABIT - occasional use of drugs BABYSIT - guide someone through first drug experience BABY T - crack BACK BREAKERS - LSD and strychnine BACK DEX - amphetamine BACKDOOR - residue left in a pipe BACKJACK - injecting opium BACK TO BACK - smoking crack after injecting heroin or heroin used after smoking crack BACKTRACK - to withdraw plunger of needle drawing blood into syringe BACKUP - prepare vein for injection BACKWARDS - a relapse; also depressants BAD BUNDLE - inferior quality heroin BAD - crack BAD CRACK - cocaine BAD GO - bad reaction to a drug BAD ROCK - crack BAD TRIP - horrible, frightening hallucinations BAG - container for drugs BAG BRIDE - crack-smoking prostitute BAG OF BILLY - amphetamine BAG MAN - drug supplier BAGGING - method of sniffing glue BALEARIC - house music which is not heavy, more melodic BALE - marijuana BALL - crack; also Mexican black tar heroin BALLING - vaginally implanted cocaine BALLOON - heroin supplier BALLOT - heroin BAM - depressant; amphetamine BAMBA - marijuana BAMBALACHA - marijuana BAMBITA - desoxyn or amphetamine derivative BAMBS - meprobamate; also depressants BAMMIES - a poor quality of marijuana BANANAS - temazepam capsules (not now legally available in UK) BANANO - marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine BANG - to inject drugs BANGER - hypodermic needle BANGING - under influence of drugs BANK BANDIT PILLS - depressant BARGAIN BASEMENT - amphetamine BAR - cannabis BARB - barbiturates; also depressants BARBIES - depressant BARBS - barbiturates BARR - codeine cough syrup BARRELS - LSD BART SIMPSON - heroin BASE - coca paste BASE - cocaine BASE - crack BASEBALL - crack BASE CRAZIES - searching on hands and knees for crack BASE HEAD - person who bases BASH - a bulking agent - usually paracetamol with heroin; also refers to marijuana BASING - crack BASUCO - coca paste residue sprinkled on cigarette BATHTUB CRANK - poor quality methamphetamine BATHTUB SPEED - methcathinone BATMANS - MDMA BATT - hypodermic needle BATTERY ACID - LSD BATU - smokeable methamphetamine BAZOOKA - cocaine BAZOOKA - crack; also refers to crack and tobacco combined in a joint BAZULCO - cocaine B-BOMBS - amphetamines; also refers to MDMA BC BUD - marijuana from British Columbia BEAM - cocaine BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE - cocaine & PCP mix BEAMER - crack user BEAMERS - crack cocaine BEANS - amphetamine, also refers to crack, mescaline or depressants BEAST - LSD, also refers to heroin BEAT - to swindle someone out of drugs or money BEAT ARTIST - person selling bogus drugs BEAUTIFUL BOULDERS - crack BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD - LSD BEBE - crack BEDBUGS - fellow addicts BEEDIES - cigarettes from India which resemble marijuana joints BEEMERS - crack BEHIND THE SCALE - to weigh and sell cocaine BEIGING - chemically altering cocaine to make it appear a higher purity or to make it look brown BELLADONNA - PCP BELT - effects of drugs BELTED - under the influence of drugs BELUSHI - cocaine and heroin BELYANDO SPRUCE - marijuana BENDER - drug orgy BENNIE - amphetamine BENNIES - benzedrine BENS - amphetamine, also refers to MDMA BENT - addicted BENZ - benzedrine BERICK - speed/amphetamine BERNICE - cocaine BERNIE - cocaine BERNIE’S FLAKES - cocaine BERNIE’S GOLD DUST - cocaine BHANG - cannabis BIG BAG - heroin BIG BLOKE - cocaine BIG BROWN ONES - ecstasy BIG 'C’ - cocaine BIG 8 - 1/8 kilogram of crack BIG D - LSD BIG H - heroin BIG HARRY - heroin BIG FLAKE - cocaine BIG JOHN - the police BIG MAN - drug supplier BIG O - opium BIG RUSH - cocaine BIKER’S COFFEE - methamphetamine & coffee BILL BLASS - crack BILLIE HOKE - cocaine BILLY - amphetamine BILLY WHIZZ - amphetamine BINDLE - a number of decks fastened together BING - enough of a drug for one injection BINGERS - crack addicts BINGO - to inject a drug BINGS - crack BIRDHEAD - LSD BIRDIE POWDER - heroin BIRDIE POWDER - cocaine BIRDS - amytal BISCUIT - 50 rocks of crack BISCUITS - ecstasy BITE ONE’S LIPS - to smoke marijuana BIZ - equipment for injecting, also refers to a bag or portion of drugs BJs - crack BLACK - cannabis resin BLACK ACID - LSD and PCP BLACK AND WHITE - amphetamine or ecstasy BLACK BEAUTIES - depressant BLACK BEAUTIES - amphetamine BLACK BIRDS - amphetamine BLACK BOMBERS - amphetamine BLACK CADILLACS - amphetamine BLACK DUST - PCP BLACK GANGA - marijuana resin BLACK GOLD - high potency marijuana BLACK GUNGI - marijuana from India BLACK GUNION - marijuana BLACK HASH - opium and hashish BLACK HOLE - the depressant high associated with Ketamine BLACK MO - highly potent marijuana BLACK MOAT - highly potent marijuana BLACK MOLLIES - amphetamine BLACK MOTE - marijuana mixed with honey BLACK PEARL - heroin BLACK PILL - opium pill BLACK ROCK - cannabis crack BLACK ROCK - crack BLACK RUSSIAN - cannabis resin; also refers to opium mixed with hashish BLACK STAR - LSD BLACK STUFF - opium BLACK SUNSHINE - LSD BLACK TABS - LSD BLACK TAR - heroin BLACK WHACK - PCP BLACKS - amphetamine BLAH - marijuana BLANCA - cocaine BLANCO - heroin BLANK - container of non-narcotic powder sold as heroin BLANKET - marijuana cigarette BLANKS - low quality drugs BLAST - to smoke cannabis BLAST - to smoke crack BLAST A JOINT - to smoke cannabis BLAST A ROACH - to smoke cannabis BLAST A STICK - to smoke cannabis BLASTED - under influence of drugs BLAW - cannabis BLIM - small piece of cannabis BLIZZARD - white cloud in a pipe used to smoke cocaine BLOCK - marijuana BLOCKBUSTERS - barbiturates BLOCKED - under influence of drugs BLOCKERS - barbiturates BLONDE - cannabis BLOTTER - LSD impregnated in paper BLOTTER ACID - LSD BLOW - to smoke cannabis or crack BLOW - to inhale cocaine BLOW A FIX - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW A SHOT - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW THE VEIN - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW OUT - spoil an injection BLOW A STICK - smoke cannabis BLOW BLUE - to inhale cocaine BLOWCAINE - crack diluted with cocaine BLOW COKE - to inhale cocaine BLOW ONE’S ROOF - to smoke marijuana B.

Is it so wrong to be an independent, strong minded woman with a side piece, to want the man but not the relationship?

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One dating foul is R-bombing, which involves reading a message without replying.

R-BOMBING: When you leave a message as “read,” but you don’t reply, you’ve just R-bombed someone, and that’s not very nice.

THIRST TRAP: Sharing a provocative photo of yourself on social media to get attention.

ZOMBIE-ING: When someone you used to share a relationship with contacts you out of the blue.

SITUATIONSHIP: If you’re not in a relationship, but you’re not just casually dating the person you’re seeing, you’re in a situationship, or a “complicated” type of relationship that could include being friends with benefits.

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