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The hindlimbs of cetaceans are internal, and are thought to be vestigial.

Baleen whales have short hairs on their mouth, unlike the toothed whales.

Their hearing is so well-adapted for both air and water that some blind specimens can survive.

Some species, such as sperm whales, are well adapted for diving to great depths.

They feed largely on fish and marine invertebrates; but a few, like the killer whale, feed on large mammals and birds, such as penguins and seals.

Some baleen whales (mainly gray whales and right whales) are specialised for feeding on benthic creatures.

During this process, they are capable of fasting for several months, relying on their fat reserves.

Dolphins are commonly kept in captivity and are even sometimes trained to perform tricks and tasks, other cetaceans aren't as often kept in captivity (with usually unsuccessful attempts).

Cetaceans have been relentlessly hunted by commercial industries for their products, although this is now forbidden by international law.

The extinct ancestors of modern whales are the Archaeoceti.

While cetaceans were historically thought to have descended from mesonychids, molecular evidence supports them as a relative of Artiodactyls (even-toed ungulates).

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