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You know, I don’t know how much longer we’ll go for, but I hope a long time. Now will you be bringing Ethan (Brosh) on tour with you? What I may do is, I might do some dates with Ethan and then do some dates with Joel and try to get both of them in there somehow or maybe do dates with both. And, of course, Will Hunt on drums…He’s a busy guy, and when you work with guys of this caliber it’s difficult to make all of the calendars align. Your evolution as a musician has taken you in many different directions. I was considering different vocalists, and I came across Electra singing a song.If it were to end today, it’s been an incredible ride. Appears as though you all legitimately get along and enjoy making music together years later whereas with some bands the reunion tours seem forced. I’ve got a lot of music, a lot of solo music that I’d like to go out and play live that I think a lot of people would like to hear. But I’d love to…I’d love to have Will, Joel and Ethan to go out and just “melt faces” as they say. I wanted to go back to the roots, to the ’80s and not sound dated. So it’s important for me…I love making albums that inspire people and encourage people lyrically and musically, but I also like to make people go, ‘Whoa, what? Can you speak to your draw to country music when you collaborated with Electra Mustaine? On the last album I always wanted to do the Neil Young song, “Heart of Gold,” because it’s one of my favorite songs. I was very, very surprised, and I thought, ‘Wow, she’s really good.’ It just so happens that I am friends with Dave, so I reached out to him to ask about the possibility of having her sing.

And we try to take care of ourselves, you know, we pray, we read the Bible, we talk…I think it’s communication. Now that you’ve matured, you communicate a bit differently than 30 years ago… But, again, we have our days where we get up and say, “Grrr, good morning…” and we want to get away from each other. How supportive of your solo career—including your new album, —is the band? So you guys are back on the road rockin’ leather pants and all, but what is different, if anything, this time around?They felt I was a little harsh toward the other guys. There’s so much more I could’ve put in the book, and there were ways I could’ve put things…As I was writing and thinking about some of those old stories there were times when I was thinking, ‘Hey, I want to say this,’ but then I’d read it and say, ‘Maybe I don’t want to say that’ (laughs). If anything, I throw myself under the bus more than anyone.But that was the difficulty in writing the book—telling these stories that involve other people and being honest about it. So I was very cautious about how it was written and everything and how it involved other people. I am a very open person…I am that way on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…and when you’re open and honest—because of the world we live in—you offend and upset many people on a daily basis, and that’s just what I do.Something happens in the audience and in the band where that level of excitement rises even higher and that’s really cool.18-year-old singer-songwriter Electra Mustaine is starting her country music career.

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