Freesex meet up

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We finished up our run and ended up at the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show area where there was food and drinks for us, as well as amazing people for us to mingle with!I started chatting with Desiree, she is so quiet and so tiny, but super sweet and answered all of my questions.This night will feature FREE PICNIC FARE FOOD for all of our guests compliments of the Saturday Singles Dance!Feel free to wear your summer, island, beachwear to the dance! Come mix, mingle, and dance with Meet-Up Group members and all of the Saturday Singles crowd! See everyone on July 8th and bring your appetites for this special Indoor Summer Picnic Dance Event!In the presence of greatness I tell you, I was in awe. ) time Disney marathon winner from Brazil on one side, and Des on the other. If I thought it couldn’t get any better, I would be wrong.Bobby and I took our seats up in the bleachers, and before I knew it, Des had come and sat next to me, and Adriano Bastos came and sat on the other side. I was on the second row of bleachers, and then all of the amazing running legends were told to come sit on the first row…right in front of me. I got to meet Bart Yasso for the first time, super nice guy, who I called trouble maker whenever I saw him for the rest of the weekend. He makes you feel like your questions matter and will stand around and talk with you forever. We got to hear from some amazing folks, including the New Balance team.Adriano Bastos was also introduced, and we wished him luck in trying to win the marathon for his eighth time. ) Just when we thought the fun was over, out came Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy in their running gear to take photos with us.

(We may or may not have cut some corners to catch up.

It was great to hear some wisdom from these legends. While Joey was talking, Adriano Bastos caught me looking at his tattoos, and was more than happy to show them to me.

Jeff showing off his 20 year anniversary marathon ring he was presented with for running all 20 run Disney marathons. We took a couple photos while Joey was talking, and I even got caught in the act!

The New Balance folks talked about finding the right shoe fit, while the attendees Tweeted away and took plenty of photos.

We also got to hear from some runners who helped make the sport what it is today.

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