Itunes never stop updating podcasts

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This means that this wasn’t an issue with upgrading the database, but rather a much more serious issue.This is beyond a critical issue for people who have large libraries of podcasts in i Tunes.When it did this, IT SILENTLY DELETED big chunks of the episodes that had been downloaded from those casts.This is a data-loss bug, the absolutely worst kind of bug imaginable. I didn’t notice that this had happened, but at some point, I got a warning about how I was running out of space on my system drive, so I emptied the trash.The effect of this loss of trust cannot be understated.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost all trust in that application that I have been dependent on I also want to mention that a friend with contacts on the i Tunes team actually forwarded a link to this post and the forum thread as well to some folks in the team.

So far, this has worked ok (for about 4 weeks for me).

I periodically do a check of my library to make sure that no files have been lost and it looks ok for now.

This is why this kind of bug is so amazingly critical to catch and why missing it is not a small issue, but a catastrophic one for an ISV or IHV.

If you are a long-time user of i Tunes, beware 11.1, and everyone should have MULTIPLE backups of their files, for just this kind of event.

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