Kerala adult chat rooms

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The sight of her open boobs with her dark areola and nipples send current through my spines.I stood there itself for a while and was enjoying the beauty of those two breasts.The first meeting with her made me horny and I was feeling restless from the day I met her.The house has 2 rooms but we share the same toilet and bathroom.In the morning she used to prepare breakfast and I used to take my lunch to my office, which she prepares by then.

Nothing feels right, sounds are off, your body's shaky, and the smell of food...well, never mind that.

I am a software engineer of 26year with a good physique who is working in cochin(kerala).

As the rent in the city is very high I thought of staying in the outskirts of the city in one of my friends aunties house.

The sight of her son feeding her breast makes me more horny and after ever section of my seeing it I used to go to the toilet and masturbate thinking of me sucking at her breast like her son was doing to her.

Many times I had seen her son sucking on one of her breast and playing with the other while she is busy doing her work like cleaning the fish or cleaning the utensils.

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