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At a month, the NZ Herald digital edition is about half the price of having the print edition delivered.Some print subscriptions include the digital edition at no extra cost.Reader numbers for digital editions is often a fraction of print edition reader numbers.So these costs are shared by a relatively low number of readers.The i Pad/Android edition can be preset to download over Wifi only if required.It generally only takes a couple of minutes to download.A digital newspaper is harder work on a mobile phone. There are two reasons why a digital edition could be better than reading a website. You can instantly grasp the relative importance of stories and how they relate to each other.

You'll get by fine on most laptops and 10-inch tablets. A digital version of The New Zealand Herald was available on Pressdisplay (now called Press Reader) when the Herald was still a broadsheet.On the i Pad/Android you can 'pinch' the page to zoom to the desired level.The size of each edition changes, depending on the amount of content in the Newspaper - typically around 50MB - 100MB.Digital editions could help, but it puts the onus back on publishers to ensure the content is worth paying for.New Zealand technology news Bill Bennett publishes technology news and features that are directly relevant to New Zealand readers.

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