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But complex systems, such as a world of billions of dynamic connections, cannot be frozen as if on a chessboard, intelligible and susceptible to step-by-step command and control.

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As a diplomat in the British foreign service, I served deep inside one bastion of conventional politics—the world of international diplomacy.

I helped propagate “top-down,” government-dominated politics across the world, including in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

Not only an antidote to our global crises; Carne Ross offers, moreover, a route to fulfillment and self-realisation.

This article was posted in Huffington Post today, headed by this video (which can also be viewed here): As Kuhn’s theory might suggest, the rank contradictions of the current political-economic paradigm—gross inequality and massive environmental destruction—are so great that a new paradigm should emerge: a system of thought and method of political action that can address these ills, and indeed offer a better method of organizing and understanding human society.

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