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Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky and Texas Sen. Over the weekend, more Republicans distanced themselves from Moore. "If the allegations are true, there is no doubt he should step aside.

"Look, I'm sorry, but even before these reports surfaced, Roy Moore's nomination was a bridge too far," tweeted Sen. And not for the party, but for the American people.

We all know that the Lambda Lambda Lamdba chapter at Adams College is the most sought after fraternity in the Nation, but what schools should truly make the College Magazine Top 10 Greek Life Schools list?

Adams College, from Revenge of The Nerds, unfortunately did not make the cut, but maybe your school did.

Pat Toomey urged Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Sunday to drop out of the race, adding to the party's growing disavowal of the controversial judge in a pivotal election following allegations that he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year old girl decades ago.

Toomey said Moore's explanations have been inadequate so far in response to The Washington Post report last week and that Republicans should consider current Sen.

"I'm counting on you to stand with me at this critical moment by chipping in a donation to help me bust through the vicious lies and attacks and get the truth out to as many voters as possible before December 12." The White House, pointedly noting that President Trump did not back Moore during the primary, said Trump will likely weigh in on the Senate race when he returns from Asia later this week.

Now there are a few rules you must know before reading this article. Greeks rule at IU, with over 5,000 students and 65 organizations involved in fraternities and sororities every year.In the immediate aftermath of the Post report Thursday, a wave of national Republican leaders called for Moore to drop out of the race if the allegations are true.They included the head of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. C., on Sunday said Moore's denials seemed to raise more questions. The denial was not as strong as the allegations," Scott said.Football and Greek life seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.If you are not in one of UA’s 29 fraternities or 23 sororities, you may have a hard time acquiring good seats at the Alabama football games.

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