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"This can result in a high level of personal dissatisfaction." Lawyers In is an online matchmaking site dealing exclusively with lawyers, law students, and legal professionals.

The site will celebrate its first anniversary on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2006.

It will also become a paid-membership site on that day; membership has thus far been free.

"I think that many lawyers are lonely because they have a lot of stress at work," said Albamonte.

"From my personal experience, however, all of my law school classmates who married each other remain married to each other, and it has been [more than] 25 years!

" Mercifully pop-up- and advertisement-free, the site is designed to accommodate the often-hectic lives of lawyers, law students, and legal professionals.

Best of all, you pay nothing at the lawyer dating site because it is absolutely free.

Browse single, local lawyers and meet new friends today!

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Join Lawyer Friends Date today and start connecting with fellow single lawyers.The desire for romance may be inhibited by the fear of unsuccessfully dating someone within your own law school, who you would then have to see on a daily basis for the next several years.She said that Lawyers In "allows law students to meet their peers at other schools and in different geographic areas [and] provides law students with a way to break out of law school cliques and meet prospective partners with whom they have something in common." Albamonte said that one of the ways that Lawyers In participates in the legal community is by being a sponsor at local bars and law school golf tournaments.According to columnist Kate Sullivan, attorneys make better lovers because of their "attention to detail. Others have noted the rising trend of inter-office dating at law firms.Melissa Lafsky, a former Manhattan associate, noted in her popular blog , "The biological probability of taking several hundred reasonably healthy, young professionals, shutting them in a high-rise for 200 hours a week, mixing in a few heaping doses of temple-crushing stress and unremitting pressure, and expecting them not to paw each other like senior prom dates is slim at best.

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